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The City of Boulder's experience has been positive to say the least. The DocuPet team is very organized and responsive and fun to work with. They immediately established a timeline and systematic process including weekly launch meetings. This helped keep things moving forward and addressing specific milestones. When and if I had questions or concerns they assist me immediately. They are a pleasure to work with.   
Janee' Boswell - Boulder, CO
Partnership with DocuPet has allowed us to offer an accessible licensing service to our pet owners as well as simple, easy to use tools for our field officers and shelter partners. Pet owners receive lost pet services and rewards, our staff save hundreds of hours each year and the massive increase in license sales has provided us with much-needed revenue to enhance our animal welfare services.
Doug Godfrey - Guelph, ON
DocuPet has brought a significant increase in dog license sales, their software is terrific, and lost dogs are getting home more often. Their people have given us hands-on training and support, and their customer service team handles all of the email and phone inquiries.
John Copanas - Syracuse, NY
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76% of pet licensing organisations view their programs as not running efficiently and smoothly.

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Request our second annual North American Pet Licensing Benchmark study to learn more about attitudes, performance metrics and best-practices. See how your program compares to regional and national averages.

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