What We've Learned

Do People Want Your Pet Tags?

How do your current pet tags compare to what consumers identified as desirable in DocuPet’s 2020 Pet Licensing Industry Research Rreport? If you’re like most other pet licensing organizations, your tags may offer little in the way of personalization or design appeal.

Philanthropy’s Place in Pet Licensing

In 2018 alone, people all across North America gave over $400 billion to charitable organizations and causes. So what does all this mean for pet licensing organizations? Think of your licensees as part of your donor network and treat them as such. Inform them, thank them and recognize the valuable contribution they have provided to your local animal care and control.

Are you experiencing a decrease in pet license sales due to COVID-19?

Animal care and control organizations are weathering a lot of change right now. While most places have adapted to work from home orders, shelter staff have remained on the frontline of keeping our pets safe and happy. It is critical that we support those staff during this time of crisis. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has brought a reduction in the number of license sales for pet licensing programs across North America and the loss of associated revenues is going to have a drastic impact on local animal care and control.

Making The Pet Licensing Process Easier

There are many things to consider when deciding how much to charge for a good or service, including: the cost of production, market standards, and value to the consumer. When determining how much to charge for a pet license, the most common method used by Pet Licensing Organizations across North America is to determine market standards by analyzing the prices of similar and surrounding jurisdictions. […]

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