What We've Learned

How to Communicate with Pet Owners

How to Communicate with Pet Owners In our North America-wide study of the Pet Licensing industry we learned that 62% of program managers feel that the most important reason to require pet licensing is for the benefits of animal identification and welfare. This makes sense when you consider the high costs associated with overnight stays […]

Best Practices for Implementing Automatic Pet License Renewals

Best Practices for Implementing Automatic Pet License Renewals  Time is everything to consumers in the 21st century and pet licensing is no different. Automatic Renewals are becoming more and more popular with online services as consumers begin to associate the process positively as a means to save time.  Automatic renewals provide a win-win situation for […]

Microchips Matter But…

With at least one-third of pets becoming lost at one point in their lifetime, many forms of identification have been created to help reunite pets and their owners. Two of the most commonly used and effective methods are microchipping and pet licensing. Often we see that a jurisdiction feels as though a one form of identification is enough, however, it is clear that this is not the case. Microchips do matter but it is also only one form of protection against a lost pet […]

The Pros and Cons of Multi-year Pet Licensing

The majority of Pet Licensing Organization’s (PLO) in North America engage in annual license sales. However, there are still many PLOs that offer an option to purchase either a 2-year, 3-year or lifetime license. Before we discuss the pros and cons of conducting multi-year pet licensing in your community, it is important to understand where the practice originally came from. […]

The Benefits of Online Pet Licensing

In late 2017 we conducted a North America-wide study of the Pet Licensing Industry. We compiled data on over 600 pet licensing programs to obtain regional averages regarding a variety of program attributes, including the frequency of online pet licensing. Overall, we learned that over 36% of pet licensing organizations in North America offer an option for their residents to license their pets online. With so many organizations offering online pet licensing, how does your jurisdiction compare? […]