What We've Learned

All the ways DocuPet saves you money

Budgets are tightening and processes are strained right now – put DocuPet to work for you and eliminate the financial (and literal) headaches of administering your pet licensing program and save in all these ways.

It costs nothing to get started with DocuPet

DocuPet will reduce your costs and increase funding for your local animal care and control. Getting started with DocuPet takes just 8 weeks of implementation planning with our dedicated Partner Support Team – but the best part? Getting started is completely free.

Mastering a Calendar Year Licensing System

Many pet licensing organizations (PLOs) across North America provide pet licenses that expire on the same date annually regardless of the day they are purchased. In the pet licensing industry we call this a “calendar based” licensing system. With this system in place, thousands of records are typically processed all at once, resulting in organizations quickly becoming swamped and overburdened administratively every year.

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