Best Practices for Implementing Automatic Pet License Renewals

Best Practices for Implementing Automatic Pet License Renewals

Best Practices for Implementing Automatic Pet License Renewals  

Time is everything to consumers in the 21st century and pet licensing is no different. Automatic Renewals are becoming more and more popular with online services as consumers begin to associate the process positively as a means to save time.  Automatic renewals provide a win-win situation for both pet owners and pet licensing organizations as they keep pet owners in compliance with local laws and provide the ultimate convenience, while still helping pet licensing organizations achieve higher rates of renewal year over year.

However, automatic pet licensing is only truly beneficial if supporting processes are put in place to monitor communications and keep pet owners satisfied with the service. Below we have outlined the best practices for implementing automatic pet license renewals in your pet licensing program.

  1. Explain The Service: The first step to ensuring that pet owners are likely to opt-in for automatic renewals is to provide a thorough explanation of the services offered. Pet owners need to understand that selecting automatic renewals means they will never need to worry about licensing their pet again!
  2. Give Details: Secondly, you should make sure that all the necessary details are easily understood and accessible. This includes things such as when the license will renew, how much they will be charged, and what they will receive with the purchase of their license: such as a free ride home, and local law compliance.
  3. Communicate Frequently: Although many pet licensing organizations may feel as though automatic renewals mean they never have to communicate with the pet owner again, this could not be further from the truth. It is essential to email the licensee before the charge occurs, making them aware of the transaction. This is also a great opportunity to communicate with your pet owner community about local animal service initiatives and build a strong relationship.
  4. Getting Technical: Lastly, you need to make sure you have the systems in place to support automatic renewals. The best way to initiate automatic renewals is to tie it into an online licensing process. Once this has happened, you need to use a provider that is able to update expired credit cards automatically to keep renewal failure rates low. Making sure the technical side is up to date and functional is necessary to help avoid later larger issues.

Did You Know: Over 36% of pet licensing organizations in North America offer an option for their residents to license their pets online.

DocuPet’s Solution

Although more than one-third of organizations have an online pet licensing solution in place, it is clear that the majority do not carry out automatic renewals due to the complicated nature of implementing such a process. However, DocuPet is the most complete pet licensing solution on the market today. Our outsourced partnership model is designed to automate and simplify both pet owner and administrator processes, contributing to increased licensing revenue and reduced operating overhead. At the core of our program is our online pet licensing system. Our system has proven to be effective: within the first year of partnership with a new jurisdiction, more than 60% of new license sales and renewals are conducted online. This saves time for both pet owners and licensing administrators alike, and is one of the many reasons DocuPet is able to increase compliance rates so quickly.

For more information on our online solution, book a demonstration, where we can explain how our simple and customized online platform makes licensing pets quick and easy, for everyone involved.

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