Increase License Revenue While Decreasing Costs

DocuPet has a proven track record of boosting compliance rates and licensing revenues. We also know how much it can cost to manage your own pet licensing program, so we aim to put that money back in your pocket for other projects.

How We Drive New Revenue

Imagine if your new pet licensing numbers and renewal rates were growing every year... and you didn't have to lift a finger!

Boosting New License Sales

Proven Online Licensing Platform

We provide convenient, secure, and User-Friendly Online Licensing. This reduces friction for new licensee, with more than 60% of licenses typically processed online

Outreach and Marketing

DocuPet's experienced internal marketing team runs supporting Marketing and Awareness Campaigns such as a Door-To-Door Program, Press Releases, Social Media and Bill Inserts

Pet-Owner Value-Adds

Licensed Pet Owners get access to our robust Lost Pet Services, along with valuable coupons and discounts through the Rewards Program

Trained Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to answer questions and overcome objections, leading to more completed licenses

Maximizing Renewals

Relevant and Frequent Communications

The DocuPet system keeps licensing top-of-mind throughout the year with Content Marketing and social media programs, and ramps things up during the renewal period using Email Reminders, Automated Phone Calls, Warning and Citation Letters, and our Door-To-Door Program

How We Decrease Your Costs

If your pet licensing services were taken care of for less than you are currently paying, what could your team be working on with that extra budget?

$0 Set-up Fees

We don't charge a single dollar for all the work it takes to set up your custom pet licensing program. That includes Consultation, Web system and brochure design, Tag design, development and ordering, copywriting, Rewards Program development, Data integration, Pricing model and policy customization and full training! 

Performance-Based Model

Our pricing model is based on increasing pet license sales. To ensure that our motivation is aligned with yours, we earn our fees by participating in the pet revenue on sales of licenses above the baseline sales levels that your community has historically met. 

Fulfillment and Mailing Costs

We have the lowest fulfillment and mailing costs in the industry. Our goal is to minimize these costs for municipalities by continually optimizing our processes. Tag mailing fees are based on our actual costs and renewal and warning letters mailing fees are well below those of our competition

Giving Your Team Their Time Back

What more could you accomplish if your team was relieved from the burden of processing pet licenses and improving compliance? Our partners have re-deployed their time to accomplishing more elsewhere and re-allocating budget to other initiatives

Our Results

System-wide, renewal rates have been increased from an industry average of 65-70% to over 80%. In some cases, renewal rates as high as 87% have been achieved.

In 2018, year-over-year license sales across our system increased by more than 85%. Most recently, in municipalities where all of our strategies have been implemented, year-over-year sales have increased by more than 200%.

Did You Know?

62% of pet licensing programs are experiencing decreasing or stagnant licensing sales.

Source: DocuPet Pet Licensing Benchmark Study

How Does Your Program Compare?

Request your free digital copy of our annual North American Pet Licensing Benchmark study to learn more about attitudes, performance metrics and best-practices of pet licensing. See how your program compares to regional and national averages.

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