Built for Program Administrators

DocuPet has been developed in consultation with pet licensing administrators and compliance officers, and relentlessly optimized to meet their every need.

We provide tools that make growing and managing pet license programs easy, and our customer service and relationship management teams are always a phone call, text or email away ensuring that any challenge is addressed immediately and proactively.

How We Save You Time

Imagine offloading the most time consuming aspects of pet licensing to a fully outsourced expert team:

Custom Tag Ordering and Fulfillment

DocuPet manages all tag ordering and fulfillment. Our high-quality, municipality-branded tags are ordered and inventoried centrally. All orders are mailed within one business day and tracked in our online system. We also handle tag replacement requests!

Pet Owner Customer Service

We have a delightful, pet-loving, fully-trained team of customer service representatives on hand to answer any call, email, or online chat message from any pet owner. They handle payments, account updates and program questions with joy!

Financial and Performance Reporting

Powerful and customized reporting tools are key to effective program management. Administrators can access real-time and historical reporting online through their accounts at DocuPet. They can learn about sales rates, renewal rates, license types, collections lists, and much more!

Data Entry and System Integration

DocuPet’s platform simplifies and streamlines all aspects of program administration by ensuring all data, sales, and communications are funneled into one place. Your data entry is reduced to uploading data for over the counter purchases.  We also integrate with Pet Shelter software!

Did You Know?

76% of pet licensing organisations view their programs as not running efficiently and smoothly.

Source: DocuPet Pet Licensing Benchmark Study

How Does Your Program Compare?

Request your free digital copy of our annual North American Pet Licensing Benchmark study to learn more about attitudes, performance metrics and best-practices of pet licensing. See how your program compares to regional and national averages.

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