Saving Pets and Helping Shelters

Our mission is to help get more lost pets back to their homes, before they even reach a shelter. Our compliance performance means more registered pets, but our Tags and Lost Pet Service work together to make the odds even better.

How it Works

How We Get More Pets Home Safe

It all starts with effective tags tied to publicly accessible profiles

Pet Identification Tags

No more stamped hearts and bones! Our high quality tags are branded with the logo of the pet owner's City or Town on the front, and a City or animal control phone number and license number on the back

Online Profiles

The unique code on each tag is associated with the online record for the pet. These records can be accessed by city administrators and approved information is made public when a pet is missing

Lost Pet Reports

Licensed Pet Owners simply login to their online profile, select the pet who is missing, add some pertinent details, and submit the report to our system. DocuPet then pushes out the report through all of our local communication channels

The Lost Pet Brigade

In every municipality where our program runs, we have amassed a group of local volunteers who have opted in to help in the search for local lost pets. They are notified and mobilized instantly

Found Pet Reports

When a pet with a DocuPet tag is located, their tag points the person to the online profile where they can contact us and the owner via a found pet report

Community Representatives

We have local representation everywhere our program is running. These reps join in and co-ordinate pet-finding missions initiated by the Lost Pet Reports

Our Results

Our suite of Lost Pet Services have returned hundreds of wandering pets to their owners. In fact, 97% of DocuPet tagged lost pets are returned home safely each year!

Did You Know?

The majority (62%) of pet licensing organizations view pet welfare and identification as the most important reason for their program.

Source: DocuPet Pet Licensing Benchmark Study

How Does Your Program Compare?

Request your free digital copy of our annual North American Pet Licensing Benchmark study to learn more about attitudes, performance metrics and best-practices of pet licensing. See how your program compares to regional and national averages.

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