Dedicated Account Management

Work with knowledgeable and results-oriented account managers committed to growing compliance rates


DocuPet has increased pet license sales in our partner communities, on average, by more than 85% annually. In some cases compliance rates have increased by more than 200%.

Our Municipal Relationship Managers understand the unique forces at play within our partner communities, and how to position, operate, and optimize programs and campaigns that drive real results.

Under the leadership of a Municipal Relationship Manager, DocuPet can launch a new municipal program in under 8 weeks

Dedicated managers prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, ensuring a program's health is continually monitored and improved

Based on program results, managers suggest new campaigns and initiatives to spur compliance growth and community buy-in

Expert Leadership

DocuPet has been developed in consultation with pet licensing administrators and compliance officers, and relentlessly optimized to meet their every need. Our seasoned Municipal Relationship Managers understand the many unique challenges municipalities face when it comes to pet licensing, and use their expertise to develop and optimize effective licensing programs. A partnership with DocuPet means an end to all frustration regarding reporting, data entry, payment processing, field operations, and customer service. 

Relationship Management

Our Relationship Management team is staffed by highly knowledgeable, proactive and friendly professionals. We coordinate all pet licensing program activities including partnership launches, training, reporting, consultation and local awareness campaigns. We are a phone call, text or email away at all times, but more likely we’ll be connecting with you for regular updates just to tell you how well the program is going and what we can do together to improve it even more.

Dedicated Municipal Relationship Managers are always a phone call, text or email away ensuring that any challenge is addressed immediately and proactively.

Financial and Performance Reporting

Powerful and customized reporting tools are key to effective program management. Administrators can access real-time and historical reporting online through their accounts at DocuPet. They can learn about sales rates, renewal rates, license types, collections lists, and anything else that might be needed to assess the health of their programs.

We manage monthly reporting through our Relationship Management team. Our partners receive a monthly remittance report along with all funds that have been collected on their behalf. We also include a monthly performance report with news and insights. Every six months, we conduct a strategy meeting to discuss program performance and ways to increase that performance even further.

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