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Simple and customized online platforms make licensing pets quick and easy, for everyone involved  


One of the primary factors keeping pet owners from licensing their animals is a lack of convenience. DocuPet ensures that pet owners have a multitude of licensing methods including online, over the phone, via mail or in person.


Not only does DocuPet's platform make licensing pets easier for pet owners, it also simplifies and streamlines all aspects of program administration by ensuring all sales and communications are funnelled into one place.

Pet licensing made easy with streamlined, community-branded, pet owner-centric municipal websites

In the field access to licensing records and the ability to update information, sell licenses, or issue warnings

System and software integration that eliminates the need for double data-entry and helps ensure account accuracy

Online and In Real-Time

The vast majority of municipalities do not offer the opportunity for online licensing. At the core of our program is our municipality-branded online licensing system. We find that in the first year, more than 60% of new license sales and renewals are conducted online. This saves time for both pet owners and municipal administrators alike, and is one of the many reasons DocuPet is able to increase compliance rates so quickly.

Website Design

Our design team will gather the few inputs we need from you to design your  locally-branded web system. Typically all we need is a high resolution logo and an image or two from your municipality. We also craft any website copy including program details, frequently asked questions, and contact details for the website.

The web system is configured to meet the design and customized pricing policies associated with your program. 

Licensing Methods

With a modern, streamlined digital platform, pet owners can license from the comfort of their own home in as little as 5 minutes. Online users also have the option to sign up for automatic renewals, making annual renewals even easier.

Pet owners also have the option to call our toll-free number and license their pets directly with the help of one of our customer service team members. We have the necessary security protocols in place that allow us to handle payments over the phone, and we always take the time to ensure that each pet owner is informed about our program and is encouraged to take advantage of its many pet owner-centric features.

When the DocuPet Program is launched in a new municipality we take the time to understand the existing licensing methods available to pet owners. These methods typically include:

BuildingIn person at municipal offices and pet shelters

Paw PrintIn person at veterinary clinics and local pet-related businesses

LetterVia mail by responding to renewal reminder letters

We ensure that each of these methods remain available to pet owners in each community and we provide training on our system for each person who may be involved in processing licenses when we launch.

Online Pet Profiles

All the information that is collected about a pet during the registration process is stored in the pet’s online profile, but it doesn’t end there. Pet owners can add photographs, caretaker and medical instructions, and a plethora of other information to their pet’s online profile. Pet owners have full control over their (and their pets) privacy settings, choosing what information they want to Always Display, Never Display, and Display Only When Pet Is Lost.

Record Look-up and Field Operations

We’ve heard every horror story as it relates to pet data management and access. DocuPet allows any administrator to look up any pet record from any internet-enabled device. They may search by any fi eld including pet color, breed, street name, pet name, owner name.

Our online functionality allows for note taking and record updating. We also make it easy for compliance officers to register pets in the field, or to send emailed payment links or warning letters with the click of a button.

Before launch, we will train your staff , compliance officers, and any third-party vendors on the system. We like to do this in person, but can also conduct training online. We will leave you with a training manual, but you won’t need it. The system is very simple to use (and needed infrequently with us at the helm). Our relationship management team is always at the ready to assist whenever needed.

Data Entry and System Integration

DocuPet KioskWe have yet to find a pet licensing department who enjoys data entry. That’s why we take on as much as possible. Historically with DocuPet, more than 60% of license sales transition to online. Many sales are also handled by our customer service team over the phone or received via mail and entered by us.

Our partners need only enter data for over the counter purchases, but even then we offer a free kiosk that can be placed in municipal and shelter licensing locations to further reduce data entry.

DocuPet integrates with every major pet shelter software meaning that all of the data on DocuPet will instantly be synchronized in both directions. There is no need to be concerned with double-entry: the up-to-date pet and pet owner records will always be wherever you need them.

Before we launch, we will need your existing pet license records for upload on our system. We can accept your data in any digital form and will take the time to ensure it is accurately added to DocuPet. At this time we will also install any system integrations required to ensure that DocuPet is perfectly synchronized with your existing pet shelter management software.


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