HomeSafe Lost Pet Service

A complete system proven to get lost pets home quickly, included with all municipal programs  


“I absolutely adore the DocuPet HomeSafe system and am thrilled with the effectiveness. Having my cat licensed is the reason he was returned home safely."


One in three pets will become lost at some point in their lives, our HomeSafe Lost Pet System is designed to get these pets home. Since it's inception, DocuPet's HomeSafe Lost and Found Pet Reports have helped reunite hundreds of pets with their families, and kept those pets out of local shelters.

Smart pet tags mean anyone in the community with access to a smartphone can help a pet get home

Online pet profiles allow pet owners to share important information about their pet with searchers and finders

Lost and Found Pet Reports make it easy to share updates about the status and whereabouts of lost pets

Working Together to Protect Pets

Our mission at DocuPet HomeSafe is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet. Fulfilling this mission starts with licensing, but it doesn't end there. 

HomeSafe Smart Pet Tags

Our high quality tags are branded with the logo of the pet owner’s City or Town on the front, and a City or animal control phone number and license number on the back. Our license numbers are alphanumeric and are assigned to a pet as soon as it is licensed. This license number stays with the pet until a new tag is requested or ordered. A pet owner can keep the same tag for their pet upon renewing their license, or they may choose to get a new one. The license number can be searched on the City-specific website and to find out who the pet is. It is tied directly to a pet’s online HomeSafe profile. 

HomeSafe Online Profile

All the information that is collected about a pet during the registration process is stored in the pet’s HomeSafe online profile, but it doesn’t end there. Pet owners can add photographs, caretaker and medical instructions, and a plethora of other information to their pet’s online profile. Pet owners have full control over their (and their pets) privacy settings, choosing what information they want to Always Display, Never Display, and Display Only When Pet Is Lost.

HomeSafe Lost Pet Reports

A pet owner can use the DocuPet HomeSafe platform to report their pet missing directly from the online profile. After providing the necessary information (such as what happened, was the pet wearing his or her collar and/or tag, and dropping a pin to sync with Google Maps and establish an initial search radius), the report is submitted and email notifications are sent to DocuPet HomeSafe staff, relevant City staff (such as customer service and animal control), and members of the HomeSafe Lost Pet Brigade: pet owners in your community who opt in to receive email notifications whenever a pet is reported missing. A lost pet banner will also be published to your City-specific DocuPet website so that all visitors to the site will see the report as well. Well over 100 pets have been reported lost through our system and we see that over 95% of them are returned home to their owners.

HomeSafe Found Pet Reports

More often than not, lost pets are found before they have been reporting missing. When an individual finds a pet, they are able to look up the pet online using the license number. If the pet is not wearing a tag, or the pet owner has not made their contact information available to the public, the “finder” can fill out a found pet report with their information. Their information is emailed directly to the found pet’s owner. DocuPet HomeSafe will contact the finder by phone to assess the situation and proceed to contact the pet owner by phone to begin the reunion process. Most often the pet owner reads the found pet email immediately and is in contact with the finder before we are! This feature has been used to reunite upwards of 160 pets with their owners since its launch in February, 2017.

HomeSafe Pet Brigade

When a pet owner licenses, they have the option of joining the local HomeSafe Lost Pet Brigade. What this means is that every time a pet is reported missing in your city, these users who have opted in will receive the same email that DocuPet staff and City staff receive, allowing them to be on the lookout for lost pets in their neighborhood and ultimately their city. It’s all about building community and connecting local pet owners.

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