Pet Owner Communities and Rewards

DocuPet's engagement and rewards programs help bring local pet owners and pet businesses together


The DocuPet program is designed to make pet licensing easier - both to understand and to do - but it's also about making pet ownership better.

By providing pet owner-centric rewards, content, and communication channels, DocuPet better serves and engages pet owner communities, helping to shift the perception of licensing as "just another city tax".

DocuPet partners with pet businesses to offer discounts and deals to valid license-holders, essentially offsetting the cost of licensing

By engaging with pet owners via content, social media, and at local events, DocuPet builds and nurtures real relationships with the community

Our Lost Pet System enables everyone to work together when it counts the most - to bring beloved pets home safe

It's All About The Pets

Pet people love their pets. We get that, because we're pet people to. Which is why a major component of the DocuPet Program is about doing what we can to make it easier for people to show their pets they love them. From tags to keep them safe, profiles to note important information, discounts to buy them treats, and helpful tips and trips to care for them better, we're on our way to fulfilling our mission of providing a safe and happy home for every pet.

Rewards Program

We aim to make the value of an annual license outweigh the cost of an annual license. With the DocuPet Rewards Program, licensing quickly becomes a net financial gain rather than a burden. We will partner with local businesses in your community allowing them to offer deals and discounts that are specific to licensed pet owners. We may at times work with national organizations as well, who are capable of providing direct, tangible rewards directly into the fulfillment package.

Pet owners can opt in to receive an email every time a new business joins the rewards program. This ensures they are fully up-to-date and able to access deals and discounts from all participating businesses as quickly as possible.

Pet Articles

A licensing website should never be a once-a-year visit. DocuPet provides a variety of educational articles, pet advice and useful content for pet owners on your city-branded licensing website.

Ongoing Email Communication

Pet owners can opt in to receive emails from the DocuPet system sharing information on best-practices for pet owners, timely holiday tips and advice as well as local warnings on disease outbreaks, just to name a few.

Pet Brigade

When a pet owner licenses, they have the option of joining the local Lost Pet Brigade. What this means is that every time a pet is reported missing in your city, these users who have opted in will receive the same email that DocuPet staff and City staff receive, allowing them to be on the lookout for lost pets in their neighborhood and ultimately their city. It’s all about building community and connecting local pet owners.

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