Renewal and Warning Communications

Engage pet owners and achieve 80% renewal rates with a robust communications program


DocuPet's renewal program includes multiple customer touchpoints designed to drive pet owner engagement, resulting in timely renewals and increased renewal rates.

Our program includes a variety of email reminders, letters, and automated phone calls that help ensure pet licensing remains top of mind. By incorporating information about our value-added program benefits, pet owners have more reasons to renew. 

Automated email and mail renewal communications ensure pet owners get timely reminders and the information they need to renew 

Automated calls introduce a new medium of communication to citizens who either do not have access to, or are unresponsive to, email

Pet and pet owner-centric content with localized information keeps licensees engaged throughout the year

Communications That Speak to Pet Owners

Automated Renewals

Pet owners can opt in to automatic renewals, meaning their credit card will be charged on the appropriate renewal date and preventing them from forgetting to renew. An emailed renewal notice will still be sent to them prior to charging their card, so that they can update any pertinent details (such as a new address or a new Credit Card number).

Digital Renewal Notices

On average, we see 60% of your existing users come online within the first year of offering DocuPet. This number continues to increase in subsequent years. With these online users providing their email address, we are able to automate all communication to these pet owners. This free and automated service allows us to email multiple renewals notices to pet owners, ensuring they get the message and remember to take care of their obligation to license. Renewal notices are personalized to the pet owner and they feature links directly into the pet owner’s existing online accounts to take the necessary action.

Mailed Reminders

Pet owners who we not have an email address on file for will still receive mailed renewal notices, but these too will be personalized with instructions on how to easily renew their pet’s license.

Automated Calls

If pet owners forget to renew following email reminders, they can be placed into our automated call queue to renew over the phone. Once they receive a call, by pressing 9 they will be connected directly to DocuPet customer service and presented with the option to renew over the phone.

Continuation of Traditional Avenues

Not everyone will license online. We allow your City to still offer all traditional licensing options (such as in person, retail vendor, and mail in). These sales, however, will now be conveniently processed through DocuPet.

DocuPet Kiosks

For pet owners that want to license online but may require assistance, or don’t have access to a computer we offer licensing kiosks. Your city has the option to offer kiosks at traditional licensing locations (such as City Hall or the local animal shelter).

Communication Preferences

Pet owners can choose their preferred method of communication (phone, email, or mail) so that we are connecting with them on their terms.

Annual Licensing Package

When a pet owner licenses a new pet for the first time or renews an existing license, they receive the relevant information and materials from DocuPet via mail. This package may include a license tag (first time or replacement), confirmation of payment, information about DocuPet, updated rewards cards for continued participation in the rewards program, and tangible direct incentives such as coupons for dog food. These packages are mailed out the same day the order is placed.

Content for Pet Owners

Once licensed, throughout the year pet owners receive our monthly newsletter featuring tips and tricks about training and caring for pets. We also keep pet community members in the loop on all lost and found pet happenings, awesome local pet stories, and pet-friendly events near them.

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