Our Story

It Started With a License...

Pet licensing should be easy, right? When we tried to register Lola back in August 2014, we discovered that the process was anything but straightforward. The quest had begun!

The Journey So Far

Learning from the Pros

We began at the source, consulting with pet licensing administrators and compliance officers to learn about the challenges they face

Building and Testing

We set out to build a system that would remove the time and resourcing burdens for administrators and be a joy for pet owners to use

Launch and Optimize

The Licensing System rolled out to 20 Municipalities and we used real world customers to optimize and improve all facets of the program

Increase Compliance

Relentless optimization has resulted in over 200% compliance rate increase in  many communities by 2017

Where We Are Today
As the trusted experts in Municipal Licensing with the most complete system on the market, we've completed a comprehensive Research Study and distilled the four main pillars of a successful licensing eco-system. These four pillars drive our optimization, research, and development.

The Four Pillars

Lack of Awareness
Pet owners don't know, or forget, that they need to license their pets
Lack of Convenience
Licensing pets is a hassle with too many hoops to jump through
Lack of Enforcement
Failing to license does not result in negative consequences
Lack of Incentive
Pet owners don't benefit from licensing, it's seen as "another tax"

Interested in the data behind these four pillars?

Where We're Going

We're just getting started! We're focused down on improving our System and Services to help leverage growth for our Municipal Partners in each of the Four Pillars identified in the Research Study.

In 2018 we're dedicated to broadening and adding depth to our omnichannel communications strategies, providing phenomenal value to pet owners via incentives and content, and boosting the number of lost pets who get safely home and stay out of the shelters.

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