Our Story

Our Story

When we learned that up to 60% of animal welfare funding comes from license sales but that just 13% of pet owners comply with mandatory registration laws, our mission was born.

Since 2014, DocuPet has partnered with local shelters and communities to increase pet license sales, decrease workload, and build programs that reduce shelter stays.

By providing pet owners with better pet tags, a free lost pet service, and lots of information about pet care in their community, we make sure that pet license registration is now as valuable to them as it is to local animal welfare.

We come to work each day to make pet licensing a joy for pet owners, a breeze for administrators, and a significant funding source for animal welfare providers. We believe by redefining and modernizing pet licensing we can help provide a safe and happy home for every pet, and we're just getting started.

The Journey So Far

Learning from the Pros

We began at the source, consulting with pet licensing administrators and shelters to learn about the challenges they face

Building and Testing

We set out to build a system that would remove the time and resourcing burdens for administrators, while providing value for pet owners

Launch and Optimize

Our solution has been rolled out to over 40 Pet Licensing Organizations since 2014. We used real world customers to optimize and improve all facets of the program

DocuPet Everywhere

DocuPet is growing quickly across North America, launching an average of one new program every two weeks.

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