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DocuPet’s mission is to help provide a safe and happy home to every pet in North America. We do this by providing communities and shelters with innovative pet licensing solutions, and by ensuring that pet owners find licenses to be as valuable as their local animal welfare providers do. To achieve our collective mission, and to ensure we are always listening, learning and sharing, we collect new data, synthesize it into actionable insights and make it available to all animal welfare and care providers.

About This Report:

This is our third annual Pet Licensing Industry Research Report. In 2018 we assessed the standard rates and commonalities between pet licensing programs across North America. We discovered that, on average, just 13% of pets were licensed. In 2019 we focused on analyzing the best practices and policies of varying programs in order to determine how to implement successful programs that would increase compliance. This year we took a new approach, hoping to gain insight into one of the big mysteries of our industry: 

What’s the difference between those who license their pets and those who do not?

To prepare this report we worked with Idaho-based research firm, Marketspark, to develop and deploy a customized survey to more than 350 pet owners across the United States and Canada. In order to better understand how those who license are similar to those who do not, and, perhaps more importantly, how they are different, we explored:

• pet owner demographics,
• the nature of pet owner's relationships with their dogs,
• pet owner behaviour and attitudes regarding pet tags and licensing,
• overall perception of local animal welfare organizations,

...and much more!

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